Windows remote control

It helps to be able to remote control another computer - for example if you need to install or fix something on your parents/family/friends computer and you cannot travel to their location.

One-Click VNC makes it easy.

Essentially, the person that is doing the controlling:

  1. If you are using a router with your internet connection you need to set up port forwarding for port 5500 to your computer.

  2. Run 'vncviewer.exe -listen' on your computer.

  3. Send your routers external ip address to the person to be controlled.

Now, at the other end, for the person who will be controlled:

  1. Update settings.ini with the controllers external ip address

  2. Run OneClickVNC.exe.

Now the client talks to the controllers routers external address which forwards to your internal ip address and you are done.See One-Click VNC for the full story...

Note, Windows Live Messenger allows remote controlling of computers you are chatting with (the user can select Actions/Request remote assistance and then pick from any of their online contacts), but I haven't had much luck with it. I'm not sure if it is the router configuration at either end, or just the network connection. I have used it successfully before, when there wasn't a router at the other end.

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