Installing Ubuntu 7.04 from ISO image

I decided to do a clean install of Ubuntu 7.04 on my old desktop. I'd downloaded the ISO image some time ago, but it was on my laptop so I used the laptop to burn the image to a CD. The burning went fine and the CD looked good, but the desktop would not boot from it. The desktop has a LITEON DVD burner and a LITEON CD burner, but the CD burner is not powered up.

It turns out the CD would not boot from the DVD drive, but if I put it in the CD drive, it would. I'm not sure why it would matter, since the DVD drive could read the disk, just not boot it.

Unfortunately, after getting the machine to boot and installing Ubuntu to disk, I end up with the same problem described here (an /sbin/modprobe abnormal exit resulting in the boot process hanging). I've got an old (2001?) Gigabyte GA-8SR533 F7d motherboard, and kernel 2.6.20-15 doesn't seem to like it.

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