Friday, 22 June 2007

Hibernating to disk with Ubuntu

Since moving to Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop I've had a couple of problems (hibernate/suspend, battery life, wireless) but just recently I did a system update which contained a kernel update. Its now running 2.6.20-16-generic and there seems to be a significant difference in hibernate to disk.

Before it was very hit and miss - sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Now it seems much more reliable - hibernate and resume although it seems to take a while it looks like it works.

There is a strange battery problem though. When I'm running on battery, it is only a couple of minutes before the system starts warning me that I only have minutes left. The battery light on the laptop flashes rapidly and the battery meter in Gnome shows empty. However, if I just carry on working I can still get half and hour or more out of it.

Even stranger is that when I shutdown or hibernate while in this condition, the laptop will not boot again until it is plugged in to the power. I think it genuinely thinks the battery is flat. I can get it to boot if I plug it in to the power just long enough to get through grub and start loading linux. Then I can disconnect the power and continue working on the (not so flat as it thinks) battery.