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grails-jsunit provides an easy and convenient way to utilize the JsUnit framework to your grails application. JsUnit allows you to unit test JavaScript functions in a similar way to using JUnit for Java.

To install the plugin, use:

grails install-plugin

This plugin adds the following new scripts:

Generates a new empty jsunit test. Supply the path of the test you want to create, relative to 'test/jsunit/tests'.
Example use:
grails create-jsunit-test registration/mytest


Runs JsUnit in the specified browser. Specify the path to your browser as a command line parameter i.e.
grails run-jsunit /usr/bin/firefox

or, if the executable is on the path you would just need
grails run-jsunit firefox

In your, you can specify:

When executing this script, it overwrites ${basedir}/test/jsunit/suiteAll.html to build a suite that references all tests in ${basedir}/test/jsunit/test.

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