Version 0.3 of the grails selenium plugin is now available.

This version:

  • Adds GSP support for writing tests

  • Fixes bug where hidden directories were shown as suites

  • Fixes bug on windows with invalid URIs to html tests

To use GSP to generate the tests, use the <sel:test> tag, followed by nested <sel:row> tags.

<sel:row> can take either:

  • one 'line' attribute where the command, target and value are pipe separated as per the pipe separated value files

  • or separate 'command', 'target', and 'value' attributes.

Because this is a normal GSP file, you have full access to the normal variables and you could call other classes for utility methods.

An example GSP test:

<g:set var="bookTitle" value="book0d"/>
<sel:test name="MyTest">
<sel:row command="open" target="${request.contextPath}"/>
<sel:row line="clickAndWait|link=BookController"/>
<sel:row line="clickAndWait|link=New Book"/>
<sel:row command="type" target="title" value="${bookTitle}"/>
<sel:row line="clickAndWait|//input[@value='Create']"/>
<sel:row line="clickAndWait|link=Book List"/>
<sel:row line="verifyTextPresent|${bookTitle}"/>


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