Regression testing grails plugins

For regression testing the grails plugins I've released, I have a shell script that:

  1. cleans up any previous runs

  2. packages the current code for the plugin OR downloads a release from my web site

  3. creates a new grails app

  4. copies preprepared resources into this new grails app

  5. installs the plugin

Now all I have to do is run the application and test it through the browser (potential for selenium to help here?). This is great for testing the plugin against a new grails version, or just for testing code changes to the plugin itself.

I put the script in <project_home>/test/regression/ and the resources in <project_home>/test/regression/resources. The resources directory contains files like domain objects etc in the same directory layout as a normal grails project. This way I just need to copy the contents of the resources directory over the top of my newly created project.

I should have written it as an ANT script though (what was I thinking?) - then it would be platform independent. I'll migrate it to ANT soon.

I'd appreciate any comments about the process though - is it useful to you?

Download the script here. Use it with care, it does delete some directories.

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