Rename mythtv recordings

The files Mythtv records are saved with a timestamp as a file name, making it pretty hard to figure out which file is which.

To easily identify the files, you can use - I couldn't find it in my Mythbuntu installation, so I had to download it from It ran okay, without any dependency problems.

This post has some useful comments on how to run it. The idea is that you can schedule it with cron to run at regular intervals so as to stay current. I'm running it so it doesn't actually rename the original files, but it makes sensibly named symbolic links to the originals: --format "\%T/\%Y-\%m-\%d \%H\%i \%- \%T \%-\%S" --link /home/paul/TVShows

For help with the options, see the wiki page or run with the --help option.

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