launches has launched - as a Google AppEngine application.

MyOnlineProfile lets you catalog your public online profiles in one place - leaving you with just one link to give your friends and one link in your email signature.

I first wrote MyOnlineProfile as a Grails application - its a small application at the moment, so it didn't take long. However I did over-engineer it. I made the classic mistake of trying to solve the wrong problems and over-optimising. Luckily with being a small application and written with such a productive framework, I'm only talking about wasting hours rather than months.

I deployed it to my Linux VPS, but unfortunately, Java based applications take up quite a bit of resources just starting up and memory on a VPS costs money (recurring money). So there just wasn't room for it.

Hence re-writing it in Python for AppEngine. Being exposed to Python has been good for me - and relatively easy since Groovy opened my mind significantly and I was ready for the experience.

In addition to the language, the AppEngine environment is very much like Grails in that infrastructure is taken care of for you - just like database access is so transparent in Grails, it is in AppEngine.

These things make writing the application about the application rather than the technology or infrastructure - just the way I like it.

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