The week in review - 2008-50

A friend must have seen my comment about JDiskReport, and mentioned WinDirStat to me. I'd never seen it before. It's a similar product to JDiskReport but for windows only.

I recently tried installing 64 bit ubuntu on a spare partition on my laptop - it already had Vista and 32 bit Ubuntu dual booted with Grub. For some reason the install wouldn't complete and left grub broken so I couldn't boot into any OS. Easy solution - I used the 32 bit Ubuntu alternative disk which has a re-install grub option. This worked a treat. It correctly restored my boot options and the laptop was back in action.

I'm not sure why the 64 bit Ubuntu doesn't work on the laptop (Dell1525 Intel Core2 Duo Processor T5550). Looking at the comparison chart, I see that "All Intel® Core™2 Duo mobile processors feature: ... Intel® 64 architecture ... ". What gives? (The installer just fails part of the way through - no error, just freezes).

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