The week in review - 2008-51

I've had to disable MemoKeys because it interferes with Intellij. I often use ALT-F1 to locate a file in the project tree, but this doesn't work because MemoKeys is intercepting the F1.

There is some awesome goodness coming in Grails 1.1 - check out the release notes for the Beta.

I just had a requirement to open an EPS file, but I found that GIMP (on Windows) doesn't natively support EPS. As documented, you need to install GhostScript and set an environment variable (i.e. GS_PROG=C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.63\bin\gswin32.exe). Restart GIMP and you should be right.

Running a VPS costs money, so reducing the amount of ram required helps. Java applications have the disadvantage of using resources even when they are not being used, so I am interested to read about this strategy which may reduce not only the upload size but the memory footprint. I don't know if anyone has measured the effect on memory - I hope it helps.

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