The week in review - 2008-52

I've just discovered that commons-transactions offers a transactional file service allowing atomic read and writes on a filesystem.

Theres a good write up here about the evolution of Wordpress. I love stories like this, because it reinforces the fact that software doesn't have to be perfect when it is released. Releasing early and often can work, and when you do it this way, you can end up with a better product - one that is shaped by the community that uses it.

Wow, notice the file size difference based on type here:

  • 22MB mp3 format file

  • 7MB ogg format file

I wonder if they sound the same? If I get time I'll download and compare, but in the mean time I'll just hope that OGG gets more support over time.

A new garbage collector is making its way into java 7.

An interesting discussion about the direction of java. Should we ditch backwards compatibility?


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