Sunday, 22 March 2009

Playlists with MythTV

I've been wanting a way to use playlists on my media center either from within MythTV or with any other player. The reason is I have a bunch of short videos (music and documentaries) that I'd like to be able to play consecutively.

It turns out to be a case of just RTFM. You can create playlists for MPlayer from directory listings, and then associate playlists with a particular mplayer command.

To generate the playlist from all files in a directory, I use the following:

dir * | sed 's/\\//g' > all_videos.pls

The sed part of this command removes the \ from escaped spaces... i.e. a file 'Hello world' is output from the dir command as 'Hello\ world' - the space is escaped. We need to generate a file without these escaped spaces for it to work properly.

I use the following mplayer command associated with the pls extension:
mplayer -shuffle -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv -playlist %s