Just for a bit of fun... whohasmorefollowers.com

Recently I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and created whohasmorefollowers.com - a simple service that lets you compare the number of followers for 2 Twitter users.

This weekend I added a game feature to it - the player is presented with 2 random twitter users (from the top 50) and is challenged to guess which user has the most followers. It makes you think, and the results can surprise you!

Why build such a thing? Well, just for a bit of fun really. But it was also a good excuse to familiarise myself with:

  1. jquery

  2. jquery plugins (jquery.template)

  3. blueprint css framework

Another added benefit was with having such a simple application was that the whole exercise fitted into a very short timebox. The exposure to these frameworks made it worthwhile doing, and it reminded me how painful IE can be.

If you're interested, play the game and tweet your score!

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