Week in Review - 2010-29

I've installed WorldCommunityGrid on my media center, which is on 24*7 - may as well use that spare CPU time for good! I've been watching my ranking slowly get better, starting over 300,000 and now after 21 days of run time I'm ranked (by points) in the mid 200,000s. Along comes a friend of mine and in a very short time he's already broken through under 200,000! He has a quad core CPU (mine is a dual core), and I'm assuming thats the reason.

I find it strange that developer PCs never seem to get updated unless someone new joins the team - and they only get a new computer if one doesn't exist already. I've never worked anywhere where they've had a policy to update developer machines regularly. I think I'd have a policy of updating them every 12 to 18 months if it was up to me. The older machines can filter down to less power users, or perhaps the developer PCs could be rented. I would love a clean machine with a clean OS every 18 months, and I can have all of my required software set up in less than half an hour so a policy like this would be a huge productivity gain. We could have the latest hardware, so we wouldn't wait so long for builds and IDE's to do their thing:

  • Less time waiting for builds

  • Less time waiting for boots, reboots, applications to load

  • Less time waiting for IDEs to autocomplete, parse, validate, suggest

And a word to IT Managers - don't treat EVERYONE in the organisation as having the same requirements - give power users power machines. I could also go on to question WHY I'm forced to use Windows when every platform I ever deploy to is UNIX. But I'll save that for later.

I hit several bugs this week:

I've been involved in launching a new website at http://www.exmount.com/ - built using Joomla! So I've been interested in doing some SEO - If I search Google and Yahoo for "pmw-ex3 shoulder mount" it appears within the first 2 pages. But Bing still hasn't updated its index - it still has the "parked domain" page from when the domain was registered. Its been a couple of weeks now, it'll be interesting to see when Bing does finally update.

I found some great reading on:

I really like OMG! Ubuntu! - I think it is a very well put together site, and shows off just how much you can do with a Blogger.com blog.

New Releases:

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