Week in Review - 2010-33

Know of any companies in Sydney that engage in REAL agile projects - properly? Let me know, I'm interested!

I had a javascript drop-down menu that youtube video interferred with - when the menu dropped down, the youtube object covered it! I found the answer here - http://geekswithblogs.net/steveclements/archive/2007/03/03/107839.aspx - where the solution is simple:
Add nested element to object tag:

  • <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>

And attribute to embed tag:

  • wmode="transparent"

Spending too much time travelling to and from work makes me appreciate the idea of telecommuting. I've noticed that Canonical (Ubuntu) advertises home based jobs, but all companies I know are strongly against it - and although they don't advertise the fact, it is an unspoken policy. Right now, I probably don't have the best home for accommodating telecommunting, but I did come across the OfficePod the other day - a brilliant idea, your office in your back yard!

The first thing that springs to mind is that telecommuting wouldn't fit into an agile environment - and I definitely want to work on agile projects as opposed to the alternative. But, I am dismayed by the low number of positions on the market that are truly agile - most of them are using the buzz words, but IMHO failing to embrace the spirit and implement properly:

  • meetings where you can't sit down (failing to appreciate the real goals of standups)

  • builds every 2 weeks (iterations - but without prioritizing, user stories and customer representatives - just 'time to do a build!')

  • test team completely separate (throw it over the wall to them and wait for the defects to come back - have a read of this)

  • development team using junit but writing the wrong tests (brittle, don't add value, and eventually just ignored

So, if I'm not going to work on a project where close personal collaboration is going to happen, why not telecommute? Or at least travel to a very close serviced office - and let technology take care of the collaboration (video conference like they do in the movies etc). Perhaps that would alleviate some of the strain on the transport infrastructure!

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