Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week in Review - 2011-33

I've occasionally been frustrated by the output of 'ps -ef' not showing the full command line for the processes. Well, it turns out that the solution is as simple as piping the output to a file - i.e. 'ps -ef > ps.txt' - now I can easily see the FULL command line for my java processes.

I bought a new WIFI router this week. My old one was getting flaky, and for some reason I've always had trouble with some of the url shorteners such as and - they just couldn't be resolved. So I bought a basic Netgear WNR1000 which satisfied all of my criteria. One of the things I like most is that it has a switch to turn off the wireless when I don't need it. This helps with security as well as saving power.

I've almost finished porting my latest application to AppEngine (Python). Lucky its a small application! I'm constantly being reminded that its useful to have skills in a lightweight technology to bootstrap and test ideas quickly. If that idea takes off, then there is always the option to re-write in a more heavy weight enterprise way. Using different languages and technologies can also be refreshing and stimulating, but it does take time.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Week in Review 2011-32

This post is on the money. Humorous and accurate. I've seen this all before.

There is a very interesting podcast on the software patent situation at NPR Planet Money.

I'm in a bind! I'm ready to launch a new app (Grails based), but my VPS with 768MB memory can't handle it (its running vsconsole already, and apache, mysql etc). Unfortunately I can't add more memory until next month! They are out of stock!! I signed up for (still in BETA), but it I haven't been able to find out how to use my own domain, or how to extract the data when/if I need to. I could easily port it to AppEngine (Python). It's a small app so it wouldn't be much effort but I'd rather spend the effort on new features!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Week in Review - 2011-31

I am currently working on a JSF2 application at work, and I mostly use Firefox during the development process because I use SeleniumIDE as a development/productivity tool to quickly log in as different users and drive the browser to a certain point. Imagine my surprise when I found out that something didn't work in IE8. I could see IE reporting a JavaScript error, but the details were useless. Even with the developer tools in IE, I couldn't identify what or where the error was. This page didn't have any JavaScript written by me - its all the JSF generated code. All I could do is use the process of elimination and trial and error to rearrange the page and subtlety change code  until it worked. Its hard to believe that IE is still in this state, especially when faced with the competition from Chrome (built in developer tools) and Firefox (add-on FireBug for developer tools).

I'm using VMWare Fusion on my MacBook AIR to run an Ubuntu server for testing purposes. I've set the network to NAT so I can SSH to it and administer it. I've shared folders on the MacBook host with the Ubuntu guest (available in /mnt/hgfs/). Now all I need to do is set up the software so I can perform the tests I need.