Week in Review - 2011-33

I've occasionally been frustrated by the output of 'ps -ef' not showing the full command line for the processes. Well, it turns out that the solution is as simple as piping the output to a file - i.e. 'ps -ef > ps.txt' - now I can easily see the FULL command line for my java processes.

I bought a new WIFI router this week. My old one was getting flaky, and for some reason I've always had trouble with some of the url shorteners such as bit.ly and t.co - they just couldn't be resolved. So I bought a basic Netgear WNR1000 which satisfied all of my criteria. One of the things I like most is that it has a switch to turn off the wireless when I don't need it. This helps with security as well as saving power.

I've almost finished porting my latest application to AppEngine (Python). Lucky its a small application! I'm constantly being reminded that its useful to have skills in a lightweight technology to bootstrap and test ideas quickly. If that idea takes off, then there is always the option to re-write in a more heavy weight enterprise way. Using different languages and technologies can also be refreshing and stimulating, but it does take time.

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