On to some exciting stuff

I went to a Agile Sydney meetup recently - "Automated web tests as a team communication tool" - by John Smart of Wakaleo Consulting. It was great stuff, and the presentation is now online.

There is a nice story here in that the project feature set is documented via
easily readable and executable tests, and the reporting shows which features are
implemented and which aren't.

More information on the the Thucydides tool he references can be found at:

While reading that presentation online, I found more gold here in some of his other presentations:

They are a great read and are great pointers in the right direction to improve your software development.

(If you haven't seen them before, check out Wakaleo's training courses. I haven't been on them, but based on the course content, they look to be the most relevant courses I've come across)

The last couple of projects I've been on I've been frustrated by a few things about the code base that I couldn't quite put my finger on, and the DDD presentation hit a nerve.

I searched around for more about DDD and found some more excellent resources:

I still have to absorb all of this material and try it out but I can instantly recognise that it addresses some if not most of the code problems that have frustrated me.

So, exciting times are ahead. Its always refreshing to find new tricks and efficient ways of improving software development!

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