Friday, 3 February 2012

Solved - Trouble with the Samsung Galaxy S 1 phone

My wife has had a Samsung Galaxy S1 Android phone for over a year now and its been great. Recently though, she'd been having terrible battery performance and had noticed that after charging the phone overnight, it was only at 50% in the morning. My first thought was to buy a new battery, but then I figured I'd try updating the firmware first.

Thats when I discovered that windows couldn't recognise the device!! This was a big issue - how could I get all of her photos off the phone?


  1. Quite by accident, she plugged her phone into an iCoustic USB charger that we got with an iPod accessory pack - this fully charged the battery and now there are no battery issues. She'd been using my iPad USB charger previously and for some reason, this makes a difference.

  2. I realized that when syncing the phone with Kies I wasn't using the original USB cable that came with the phone. We'd been using a third party cable we'd bought after losing the original one. Since we'd found the original cable I tried that and there were no problems - Windows found the drivers, installed them and recognised the phone. Kies worked fine after that.

So, all is good now - the phone works fine, running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).