Upgrading Griffon plugins

I've written one Griffon application, and now I'm on to another. Its a great learning experience because I've never really worked much on desktop applications or with swing.

While working on vsPhotoSorter I encountered a problem with the Installer plugin, one that was resolved in a recent update - but how do I upgrade the plugin? There are no upgrade-plugins scripts, but it is as simple as installing the plugin again, and specifying the version.

You can use griffon list-plugin-updates to find out which plugins can be upgraded:

Plugins with available updates are listed below:
<Plugin>            <Current>           <Available>         <From>
datasource          0.4                 1.1.0               griffon-central
gsql                1.0                 1.1.1               griffon-central
installer           0.7                 0.8                 griffon-central
miglayout           0.4                 1.0.0               griffon-central
swing               1.0.0               1.2.0               griffon-local

And now, you can simply use griffon install-plugin installer 0.8 to upgrade the plugin.

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