Fixing my server 500 errors

I'm slowly working through my broken pages - which were broken during the conversion from WordPress to Blogger. I can see in Google Web Master tools I've still got 22 server 500 errors left. There must have been more like 50 to start with. Its a slow painful process of copying the content from the broken post to a new post. I suspect it may be caused by the original WordPress post having comments - something the Wordpress2Blogger script must not be able to handle and therefore creates an corrupted post. Interestingly, the contents of the post are still viewable via the monthly archive page, but viewing the individual post errors - presumably as it tries to render the comments. If I had time, I'd go look at my WordPress database to confirm this theory but all of my time is being taken with fixing the errors. I cannot recommend using the Wordpress2Blogger script, I'm feeling a lot of pain and I had no help from Blogger support or groups.

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