Week in Review - 2013-11

Job interview testing

While job hunting, I've come across one company that seems to have a very good filtering process. First off, you get a series of technical questions which are obviously aimed at finding out how you think or how much you know about technologies applicable to the organisation. I'm sure these questions have been custom written for their environment - which does to some extent convey some information about the potential role. If you pass that, you get an online 2 question Codility test which you have exactly an hour to complete. This is where you actually write code and can verify it compiles and produces the right answers. If you haven't seen Codility before, have a look - as a programmer you can even complete tests to get a 'certificate' you can put on your resume.

Job hunting sites

Some interesting sites when job hunting:

LinkedIn group contributions

I enjoy participating in the groups on LinkedIn, but does anyone know how you can view all of your contributions? Seems to me once you've commented, its up to luck if you can ever find it again. If I'm going to continue, I'll have to print the discussion to PDF so I can remember what I've written. Contributions I've made in the past (couple of years ago) seem to have gone, maybe these were part of the discontinued LinkedIn Answers... I think linked in is missing an opportunity here, I'd like my contributions to be easily found on my profile by potential employers and my network - similar to my StackOverflow profile.


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