Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Week in Review - 2013-12

Google Reader and Listen

I've been using Google Listen for listening to podcasts since I got my Android phone. It worked well, I would just subscribe to podcasts via Google Reader and drop it in the 'Listen Subscriptions' folder. But now with Google announcing the end of Reader, and Listen has long been abandoned, I'm looking for a suitable alternative. I really liked how I simply had to subscribe to a feed online - if I have to subscribe to things via an app, I'm stuck if I ever want to switch apps. Maybe I'll try Pocket Casts.

LinkedIn Groups

I've noticed that when contributing to LinkedIn groups, its not immediately obvious to others from your profile. Recent comments might show up in your activity stream but they'll soon disappear. If you view your profile, you'll see a Groups section that shows the groups you have joined. Click on one of those and you'll be taken to the Group page and at the top there will an area where you can start a discussion - on the left will be your picture and under that is a tiny link to 'Your activity'. Click on this and you'll be able to navigate your history within this group. You can link to this page using the group id and your   member id. Mine link to Agile and Lean Software Development looks like this:

If you are viewing a discussion, you can click on the picture of a commenter to see their activity. 

I'd prefer it if the groups section of my profile had a link to my activity, so it was easy to see. At the moment no prospective employer would ever find it.