Week in Review - 2013-13

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Installing Windows Vista

For the first time since I bought it, my old Dell Inspiron 1525 has Windows Vista back on it. It's been running Ubuntu Linux since I got it, so why does it now have Windows again? My children are using computers at school now and they are using Windows - mainly Office. So rather than confuse them with different operating systems it seems more constructive to just give them some consistency and let them have their own computer set up like it is at school. I'm going to have to buy Microsoft Office for them - which after seeing how Libre Office handles clip art, I'm quite happy to do! (MS Office has a nice search and browse for clipart which the kids love and can use well. Libre Office didn't seem to have any search and you were left to click into each folder one at a time to see the clipart - not particularly useful).

Downloading statements

I've just noticed PayPal have an interesting feature - you can download your transaction history, by date range, OR just the transactions since your LAST DOWNLOAD. Awesome - many sites are missing this feature. Some of the online banking sites don't even remember ANYTHING - date range, file type (csv etc) - from one export to another - you have to enter everything for every account. Just amazing.

Nexus 7 Android Tablet

I finally have an Android tablet - I've been thinking about getting a Kindle for a long time as a way to catch up on reading during my daily commute. The paperwhite looked good but I couldn't order it from Amazon because they aren't shipping it to Australia and Dick Smith only just started selling it at $169. So when ShoppingExpress had the Nexus 7 16GB for $199 plus postage, I thought that'd be good. A full tablet instead of an eReader, and a little bit heavier, but I think its a good compromise and I can use it for so much more.

New screen protector for my phone

When I got my HTC Incredible S (on an Optus plan) they put a screen protector on it before giving it to  me. So I never saw the screen without it. The protector had a kind of grainy-ness to it but the screen looked okay. Recently the protector started looking pretty bad and it was time for a new one - and WOW, what a difference. This protector is different, not grainy, totally clear but I assuming its not too good for reflection! It was also very easy to put on since it is a stiffer plastic and doesn't bubble. Right now my screen is looking totally awesome and like a brand new one!


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