• Javathinking @ github
    • javathinking-commons – simple utility classes, and non-application specific code
    • javathinking-simplejob – a proof of concept batch processing framework
    • javathinking-sysmon – a simple resource monitoring application resources
  • vsPhotoSorter – Sort out your photos. Built with Griffon and Groovy.
  • Global Martial Arts Directory – Search for martial arts schools near you. Built with Play.
  • vsConsole - A tool for software development departments, vsConsole gives you easy access to remote server logs, simple application monitoring and a broadcast message system. Designed for developers and testers. Built with Grails.
  • My Daily Activity – an online application to record how often you do certain activities so that you can be honest about how much effort you are putting in.
  • ToolInstaller – a standardized way to install applications and tools in a fast, repeatable and consistent way (ideal for setting up developer workstations in a software development department)
Grails plugins:

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